National Parks

Culgoa National Park

The Culgoa National Park, which shares its northern border with the Culgoa Floodplain National Park in Queensland, is relatively small park but is no less important in its location in the Murray Darling basin in addition to Aboriginal and European culture. More


Gundabooka National Park

Gundabooka National Park is located a short drive from Bourke and the Darling River boasts some magnificent examples of Aboriginal Rock Art in addition to three magnificent walks to access different sections of Mt Gundabooka. More


Toorale National Park

Explore the vast floodplain and beautiful rivers of outback NSW near Bourke on a car tour of Toorale National Park and State Conservation Area. Awe-inspiring skies, dramatic sunsets and starry nights under Australian floodplain landscapes are just a few things you can enjoy while riverside camping at Darling River camp (Yapara Paaka Thuru). More


Mt Grenfell Historic Site

Mt Grenfell Historic site is a spiritually moving area as it provides many examples of magnificent rock paintings. The semi-permanent waterhole and many rockshelfs that provided shelter and ceremonial places that now exhibits some wonderful linear and figure designs depicting humans and assorted animals that are significant to the area and Aboriginal culture. More


Paroo-Darling National Park

One of the newer parks, The Paroo-Darling National Park is split into two regions covering the Paroo River and Perry Lake in the north and Wilga Station on the Darling River in the south of the Park near Wilcannia. More


Mutawintji National Park

Mutawintji National Park, which includes Mutawintji Historic Site, is an extremely special place for the living culture and spirituality of Indigenous Australians. The historic site has an extensive history as an Aboriginal ceremonial site relevant to many indigenous groups from the immediate and surrounding country. More


Kinchega National Park

Located on the Darling River near Menindee, Kinchega National Park covers a large area incorporating several of the Menindee Lakes (originally named the Laidley Ponds) and some of the best vantage points for fishing and camping along the banks of the Darling River. More


Mungo National Park

Probably the best known, Mungo National Park and its iconic ‘Walls of China’ is a ‘must see’ park not only for the shear beauty of the Lunette and the dunes which make up the ‘Walls’ but for the amazing and spiritually moving anthropological significance of the area which has evidence of continual Indigenous habitation extending over 40,000 years. More