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A drive around the bend


In the state’s outback, Briar Jensen explores Australia’s longest river – by road.

‘Bogan, Barwon, Gwydir, Namoi, McIntyre, Macquarie, Macleay . . .” Like poetry, Carmel Chapman recites the tributaries of the Darling, learnt by rote as a child. Once she starts, she can’t stop, reeling them off in lyrical succession. More

Darling River Run, Brewarrina to Wentworth

On the Road Magazine

“Where does the inland flowing NSW Macquarie River end – maybe an inland sea?”

This question was posed by NSW Governor Sir Ralph Darling to Charles Sturt and Hamilton Hume in 1828. Their expedition led to the discovery of the Bogan River. In an 1829 expedition these two explorers reached the Upper Darling. In 1835 Major Thomas Mitchell travelled 483kms down the river and correctly assumed it would eventually merge with the Murray. More

Outback NSW: Darling River Run

Australian Traveller

Follow Australia’s longest flowing river, stretching 2739km, down the Darling River Run. The Darling has played an integral part in both Aboriginal and European culture, so allow 14 days to see the many sights along the way. More